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Robert P. Keim Papers, 1967-83, 1987, 2002

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Papers of Robert P. Keim, President (1966-87), including campaign files on the American Economic System (1974-81); anti-inflation (1978-80); armed forces recruiting (1971-74), energy (1974-75), export development (1974), forest fire prevention (1966-74), productivity (1973-76), Radio Free Europe (1965-69), Religion in American Life (1972-75), United Nations (1966-74), and volunteerism (1971-75); American Association of Advertising Agencies (1972-75), American Business Press Advisory Committee (1972-76); awards luncheon (1973-75) and annual dinner arrangements (1974-75); executive committee meetings (1967-75); Federal Communications Commission proposals concerning "local" and "national" public service announcements (1973-79); People's Bicentennial Commission claims (1976); reports, surveys, pension studies (1971-78); diaries (1967-81) and telephone and discussion logs (1980-83).

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