This bibliography, maintained by Jeff Pooley, contains over 1800 English-language works on the history of communication research and cognate fields. The backbone of the bibliography is CiteULike, the powerful (if unlovely) citation sharing service.

For inclusion, a published work has to present itself as history, and then meet one of two criteria: (1) to self-describe its subject as “communication” research and/or (2) address research that is judged to be centered on mediated or face-to-face communication.

Tags have been assigned to each entry according to its relevant attributes, including (1) historiographical approach (e.g., “biographical” or “institutional”),

(2) geography (e.g., “Canada” or “Venezuela”), (3) disciplinary frame of reference, or orientation to a field-within-the-field (e.g., “sociology” or “rhetoric”), (4) substantive topic, subfield, or figure (e.g., “audience research” or “McLuhan”), (5) institutional location (e.g., “Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies” or “Columbia”), and (6) the historical or geopolitical context (e.g., “1920s” or “Cold War”).

An analysis of the bibliography, conducted in October 2012, was published in The Handbook of Communication History, as “Communication Research” by Jeff Pooley and David W. Park. A PDF version of the chapter is available for download, as is a PDF version of the bibliography at the time of analysis. For suggested entries, questions, and corrections, email Jeff Pooley.